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To give an opinion in a conversation or on issues that doesn't involve you.
"Look man, this is a family matter; nobody is asking you to put your two cents in."

"I really wish my girlfriend's mom would stop putting her two cents in every time we have an argument."
by Mackendeez March 20, 2018

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What you say about pre pubescent boys who have a tendency of getting fresh with teenage girls or adult women.
Tina's little boy is so mannish; the little brat slapped me on my butt twice the last time I was at her house.

Girl, you have to watch yourself around these little boys because, they're mannish and will try to cop a feel on you.
by Mackendeez January 19, 2019

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To make a scene or a spectacle of yourself sometimes in an obnoxious or uncouth way.
The reason why I don't want to hang with you anymore cause you like showing your ass everywhere we go.

If you get drunk at the club and start showing your ass I'm gonna leave your ass there.
by Mackendeez May 30, 2018

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When a person unscruplessly mistreated their partner or significant other.
There's no way I'm gonna set Kimberly up with my brother; not after the way she dogged out John John and left him in tears.

The reason why my family can't stand that bitch ass nigga Bo is because he dogged out my sister and left her $20,000 in loan debts.
by Mackendeez January 12, 2018

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What you say to or about a person who is talking crazy or about doing something foolish.
Hey bro, you need to talk to your cousin cause he's on some bullshit that's gonna get him killed.

Genelle is on some bullshit if she thinks that I'm going to pawn my car title to help bail her loser boyfriend out jail.
by Mackendeez April 18, 2018

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A bitchy old woman that your grandmother hate.
My grandma called Ms. Crabtree an old biddy after she replaced her as lead choir singer.

Please don't invite Ms. Claudia to my house party cause I can't stand that old biddy.
by Mackendeez September 30, 2017

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Someone who is a known theif. A person you have to keep an eye on because they will steal your things right under your nose.
If I was you I wouldn't leave Cee Cee in my house by herself cause the bitch is roguish.

Hey, don't leave your purse open around that roguish little boy.
by Mackendeez May 09, 2017

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