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What you say about pre pubescent boys who have a tendency of getting fresh with teenage girls or adult women.
Tina's little boy is so mannish; the little brat slapped me on my butt twice the last time I was at her house.

Girl, you have to watch yourself around these little boys because, they're mannish and will try to cop a feel on you.
by Mackendeez January 19, 2019
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An attempt to kiss someone in a sexual manner.
"Ted just got fired from his job for making a pass at Tina."

" my husband accused my sister of making a pass at him but, I know he's a lying bastard."
by Mackendeez December 24, 2017
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The nick name of someone's country bumpkin uncle, brother, or cousin.
"I went fishing with my uncle June bug this past weekend."

"Excuse me ma'am did you just say that June bug is your cousin?"
by Mackendeez January 29, 2018
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A middle aged white woman who has nothing better to do but, to confront the people whom she feel are violating the rules or laws. Karen is perpetually suspicious of black people who she feel don't belong in her area. All the while will claim that she's not racist but, will show her bigotry if angered enough.
Karen: "hey, what are you doing over here?"

AA male: "I was invited here by the park manager."

Karen quickly pulls out her Iphone:" hello, I would like to report there's a suspicious African American male lurking around the park can you please send an officer immediately."

AA male:"seriously ma'am, I just told you I was invited here by the park manager and you're still going to call the police."
by Mackendeez June 11, 2020
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Another way of saying yes or okay.
"Ma can I spend the night at Jeremy's house his mom said it was ok?"

by Mackendeez February 12, 2018
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The same as roasting or ripping on someone.
Red and Jay started janking on Ellie for wearing tacky bell bottom pants with a fly collar shirt.
by Mackendeez May 9, 2017
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To snubb or show disdain towards someone who has treated you with kindness and generosity.
" Chuck helped you out when you had nothing and when he asked you for some help in return you gave your ass to kiss."
by Mackendeez March 26, 2022
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