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A brotha that acts like a sista, always whinin' and talkin too much taking your stuff, talking behind your back etc
he say what, that bitch ass nigga talks too Much
by Killa B July 15, 2004
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a gump, punk in nature, part sissy, and soft as a creampuff. Couldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight.
Where are we going?

To pick up Vaughn and nem'.

Man, I hate rollin' wit' them bitchass niggas.

E'ry time we go out with them some shit go down, and them bitchass niggas always in the way, or got somethin to do wit it. I don't even wanna roll no mo'. Just drop me off up over here on B-Way. Fuck this shit. You keep hangin out with them niggas you gone be a bitchas nigga too Qwan.
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A slack ass, piss poor excuse of a man! Talks a good game but ain't about SHIT and ain't never gonna be shit. Blames all his downfalls on everyone else and excepts no responsibility for his slackness!
by msthing January 27, 2007
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A little boy who is scared of his emotions.
A boy that disrespects females on a daily basis.
A boy who lets others mold him instead of standing on his own.
A boy who thinks he's a man but does nothing to earn the title.
by Dolphins January 20, 2008
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A bitch ass nigga is a male who really don't admitt that their wrong, the only way he will is to find something wrong u did as well, until eventually its just you that was wrong not him (the mind games is a characteristic of a bitch ass nigga too). He don't respect females none and will argue with they girl in public with their child with them. A bitch ass nigga walks away with something of yours constantly just to make himself feel better because he cant win the argument. A bitch ass nigga will get female tendencies and will talk behind yo back sometimes. He will say sorry just to get you back where he want you and start doing the same stuff all over again. It's impossible being in a relationship with a bitch ass nigga.
(After a heated argument)
That bitch ass nigga is walkin off with my money that I've been waiting for for weeks and I finally got it today on my birthday and he's taking away money from my daughter too!

BITCH ass nigga text hours later: I needed money because I knew I couldn't come back home after all that and have to eat, and stop saying I took money away from my daughter! You should have just came to the side to talk to me like I wanted you to

So me not talking to you because I'm in a rush and low on patients with you makes it right to take my money????
by fucklove489 August 14, 2014
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