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1. Noun- A divine life form with master adaptation and an unsermountable evolutionary level. generally on the level of a god. Not defined as one type of life form. Its form and power often vary often forming into the most dominate and most powerfull being around, able to counter inact any new variation or thing it encounters. also see predator dio
Dio predators are considered the ultimate life form because of their unpredictability and of the various forms that they can take. Also considered the most powerfull of all predator species they have the ability to become that which is considerd the level of the gods.
by MK March 21, 2005

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1.A Mini-Van Driver is a person who drives a mini van also see the words fat mini-van driver, foreign driver
soccer mom
2. A person with no respect or care for the countless gallons of precious fuel sucked up by those gas hogs called mini-vans.
3. A driver classified in the most sited vehicle on the road today (next to the SUV or as i like to call the Jeep mini-van)
4. a driver classified as one of the most dangerous hazards on the roads today (almost above drunk drivers).
5. A member of a really big family, often a mother (often called a soccer mom)
ya My mom drives a mini-van
by MK March 20, 2005

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(v)To seek and fornicate with fat, gross and/or filthy females. syn...Hogging.
It was apparent he was drunk and desperate by the caliber of female he had taken home. He was mankin' tonight. And for the record, we were hoping, for his sake, that he was drunk and desperate.
by MK November 05, 2004

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Hell Yes! Also Hell Yae
I finally bought a Beretta! Fu shae!
by mk December 10, 2003

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Yogi Bears side kick on cartoon network
Yogi has a little friend BOO-BOO, BOO-BOO! yogi has a little friend BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BEAR! BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BEAR!BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BEAR!yogi has a little friend boo-boo-boo-boo-bear!
by MK July 07, 2003

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(1) Regarding an animal's ability to attack with the power of wind
(2) Describing how cool, or socially acceptable a person is
(1) "Watch out! That animal is capable of besesegse"
(2) "I think Mike is besesegse"
by MK March 30, 2005

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United Nations Protection Force
UNPROFOR Troops failed to stop the massacre at Srebrenica.
by MK February 09, 2005

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