For assholes who can't spell "Detroit" but like to talk shit about it. Use fucking spell check so you don't look you came from one of our public schools you so bitch about.

Jackhole: Man, Detriot is a fucking wasteland!
Jackhole's Pal: ...where? Oh you mean DetrOIt. ...Idiot.
by ClawZ23 July 10, 2009
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Hell. Where everything bad can happen to a person happens in detriot A.K.A hell
Don't ever do bad things in life or else you will go to detriot.
by Jack Semerjain January 13, 2008
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where the weak are killed and eaten
"oh dear billy, dont ever go to Detriot! You'll end up in some street punk's stomach if you're not careful!"
by w00t December 30, 2003
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A sexual act.

When a person consumes lots of vegatables and laxitives, then takes a toliet-paper roll and craps through it into another person's mouth
a dirty man gave his ho Detriot Stir Fry for dinner, thats the last time she'll ever use Meth!

Perez Hilton comes to Detriot for the Stir-fry if you know what I mean!!
by Detriot Steven April 20, 2009
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