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A person who is:
A.) Stupid
B.) Stupid looking
by JuanDeez November 08, 2003
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A misspelled version of lol but lop is better
by Dansta05 November 10, 2018
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a person that is lame,wack,pathetic,stupid
(west coast word)
you are such a lop you foo!!!
all these lops are going down!!
all you fake rappers are lops!!!
by west coast messiah May 13, 2009
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1) adj. poorly executed; sloppy. Frequently used with job, "lop job".

2) n. a person who does a job carelessly.

3) n. a stupid or lazy person; see asshat.

4) n. a person who's time/energy are misdirected.
1) look at what a lop job that web developer did on those GIFs.

2) that new intern's report was so full of errors I had him write it again, that lop.

3) that stupid lop at McDonald's didn't put my fries in the bag.

4) look at that lop who spent $7000 customizing his pickup, but still lives in a trailer.
by rolfsky June 23, 2003
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A person who has a Lack of Personality who has no sense of humor no common sense , who is dull , boring and has no clue about what to do or how to act.
You could tell he was a L.O.P by the way he acted.
by Kimberly Delgado July 06, 2006
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a waist of sperm that someone's parents used on them.
Ernesto had nothing left with his life with all the drugs and alcohol and as his mom looked at him with pity whispered what a "lop"!
by x.rated September 21, 2009
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