47 definition by MK

The perfect cool guy that everybody loves.
Look how this bobino's cruising that chik!!
by mk January 10, 2005

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a person that gives anything of vaule of some sort to tha opposite sex.
Man why u givin' all yo doe to that braod u a trick.
by Mk September 04, 2003

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These are really a cult of lop haired lads who do not belong to the human species. They read gaming magazines and play on gameboy advances. They only people who understand them are those of the same species. They are so called because they ramble on at you about nothing in particular in 'badgerish', a language which sounds like this... 'hhhhhhhshshshhhhhhsssssshhhhhhhhhsssshhhhshshsssshhhssshhhsssshhhhhhsssssss
'shut up badger!'
by MK December 19, 2003

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The act of shooting ones load into the oraface or hole of anothers body, thus the term "internal."

Often done vaginally,(the best) also possible anally, thats where you get shit-dick and also inside of a girls mouth where robin spits (maiden name swallows) got her last name from (austin powers 2)
1. Ya bobby shot it up all in her that night and got it good 3 weeks later with that damn + sign still burned into his eyes.
2. ya they now will forever called him shitdick ever since the day he fucked that dirty little slut (who never whipes) in the ass had a little internal cumbustion which got them some both nasty infections, that made it so that little slut couldnt shit right or little bobby fuck right for a week.
3. Ya they took that little slut from above back to the hospital to get her stomach pumped when it was found that she had swallowed cause both her holes were plugged from fucking around.
by MK March 21, 2005

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kicking back cooling
what you doing my nigga? Oh i'm just gickin' gack googlin.
by Mk September 04, 2003

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I don't own. In fact, I cheezed a lot.
Dammit MythicKnight, you cheezed in your post!
MythicKnight: :>
by MK March 31, 2005

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a loser,lame-o
Man u fuckin wit those lame ass broads
by Mk September 04, 2003

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