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Area code that serves as a nickname for the Inland Empire (Inland Valley, I.E.), which comprises San Bernardino and Riverside Counties (i.e., the entire region of southern California between Los Angeles and Orange Counties and the Arizona border). A great place to live between Los Angeles and Las Vegas if you don't mind the meth labs, cows, and dirt people.
"I would have gone out with him except he's from the 909."
by Michelle September 26, 2003

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n. (also v.): 1. Deliberately sending mixed messages about ones sex, usually through ones dress (e.g., wearing a skirt and a beard).

It is based upon the belief/idea that either gender does not exist (but only in the context of culture) or that there are multipule genders (beyond male and female), including but not limited to transgender.

It is giving a statement of freedom for all genders in a society where gender confines people. It does not mean that a guy wearing a dress is gay... He is just genderfucking; gender, sex, and sexuality are separate characteristics.

Although usually viewed as a new phenomenon, genderfuck may be as old as humankind. Notable premodern examples include the witches in Macbeth, who would have been played by men with beards in cross-dress.
1: "Why is does that boy have long hair and a skirt?"
2: "He genderfucks." or "He's a genderfucker" or "He's genderfucking."
1: "So, then, he's gay?"
2: "No, He's an ally."


"I dress genderfuck."
"I am genderfuck."
by Michelle April 27, 2003

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Any man or woman who 1) Forces another, by means of violence most likely, man or woman to engage in sexual activity, or 2) Forces another, by violence most likely, man or woman to have direct intercourse.
She held a gun to his head as she began to fondle him.
by Michelle March 23, 2005

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"The Valley" -- the San Fernando Valley that encompasses the northern portion of the City of Los Angeles (although it constantly wants to secede). Known for Valley Girls ("yeah, like gag me with a spoon... as if!"), the Galleria and a climate significantly hotter than the other side of the hill and thus rivaling Hell. Also the porn capital of the Western Hemisphere.
"My girlfriend is a figure model in the 818. So no future, but at least the sex is good."
by Michelle September 26, 2003

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My favorite instrument in the whole wide world to play. Has a good range, a little over 3 octaves. A Bb pitch instrument that is black with nickel or silver keys. Made of wood or plastic. A reed instument, a woodwind. Played in almost any style of music.
Michelle plays the clarinet in her high school band, she is 1st chair.
by Michelle January 16, 2004

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Hey BELLAbong come over here !
by Michelle April 06, 2005

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East European name. Most likely derived from the Russian Mikhail. It means "king" or "ruler". Only men of noble descent are named Mihai. They are usually extremely intelligent.
Mihai sure is a smart guy.
by Michelle December 27, 2004

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