something completely obvious.
Shane responds to Carlos's stupidity by saying cats don't take baths duhh
by Angellust August 22, 2009
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when something is not obvious but you pretend heheheh
Moe: You cant have my ice cream
Jojo: duhhhh, I already took one
by nanannan May 1, 2019
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When someone trains for the marathon which gets cancelled because of corona
by Ollieduhh June 3, 2020
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a word used for pointing out the obvious in the spanish or french forms. its an informal word ment for the use amongst friends and not superiors
ricky- hey did you call me last night?

joseph- la duhh, who do you think it was?
by TY odd future May 23, 2011
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means uhhhhmmmm well nothing at all i just want this on the internet yeah i rok(spelled wrong) still ummm here uhh duhh
p.s. you have to say it fast
i dont know uhh duhh
by amado February 14, 2005
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guy who tells you your name is wack so stop looking it up. also guy who dont give a shit about your name so shut the fuck up! #203garage
what duhh fuckkk, be a Mr. duhh
by itslouisduh November 23, 2021
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