(adj.) in reference to smoking marijuana, and all forms of this highly popular, yet illegal, substance.
Did you guys just spark up? You seem to be laughing a lot coming into au-go-go today...
No, we just saw Adrian.
by adrian brody. April 21, 2005
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"Y'all ready to spark up?" "Hold on we gotta get some bud."
by Dj C Money January 30, 2016
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When you get flamed and are visibly rattled.

The fake action of starting a lighter is used when you see someone get "sparked up".
How sparked up is that kid right now.
by coos12098 April 23, 2016
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It means much the same as the phrase, "spark up a j", but instead of lighting up a joint, you're lighting up a small pipe with weed in it.
Hey Allen, let's go to that alley behind the bar and spark up a bowl. I got my hands on some primo shit this morning and I can't wait to smoke it!
by Telephony July 20, 2014
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It simply means the act of lighting a siggeret.
Based upon the phrase, spark up a j but the "C" here means cigarette.
Hold on there cowboy, let me spark up a "C" before we take off!
by Telephony July 20, 2014
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