Mihai is a badass and gives 0 fucks but can also be that one loving man youve always needed. All the girls dream about him and his long schlong. Having a mihai as a friend could be the best thing to happen to you, he might take your girl but will firm it by throwing 10,000 cash at your face. Dont have low expectations for a mihai because he will surprise you will his success.
Girl: i'm dumping you justin, your penis is like a grain of rice

(Mihai comes along)

Girl: (heart eyes)
by Larrybuttsmellz69 August 2, 2019
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East European name. Most likely derived from the Russian Mikhail. It means "king" or "ruler". Only men of noble descent are named Mihai. They are usually extremely intelligent.
Mihai sure is a smart guy.
by Michelle December 28, 2005
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This dude has a extremley big dick and has Ionut as his slave!
Q: Can you be as "MIHAI"?

A: No.
by sheitann February 9, 2021
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Person 1 : Did you saw that? That was Mihai
Person 2 : Who is Mihai?
Person 1 : Basically a G O D
by GodMihai November 12, 2018
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It means "leader" in Russian. Only handsome and smart men are worthy of being named Mihai.
Mihai is surely a beautiful guy.
by jhhjhh December 5, 2016
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The africo-romani term for albino white man.
Mihais were often feared by indigenous tribes due to their bulbous testicles and their aptitude for swinging them around whenever possible.
Legend has it that the Mihai has infectious, virile tendencies to sneak up on a conversation and provide so little substance to said conversation that those involved would never interact with one another again for fear of reliving the living hell they were subjected to.
Mihai: ..
People: (not speaking)
by the real boi sr. January 22, 2020
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