When you like something or if you see something that catch your attention
"ouu she so pretty" "THEY FIGHTING" "OUU SHIT"
by Queen_Iam May 25, 2018
An expression to show how finessed. Also something to just yell if your in a Lil Pump song.
by YungDaggerDick20 October 5, 2017
It's an ad-lib and a replacement for lyrics you can't think of. It's very commonly used in today's rap generation.
Something similar to skkrt but "ouu" is user alot more.
Walk in the club and i flex like ouu ~~Lil Pump
by uglyninja March 16, 2018
1: The First Word Lil Pump Learned.
2: A Beautiful Word That Make's Rap, Rap.
John: "Did You Hear About That New Song Flex Like Ouu?"
Kenny: "Who Haven't! Walk In The Club And I Flex Like Ouu!"
by Chriswarrior06 March 3, 2018
An expression that makes the same noise as oooh just way better
Ouu keira is way better than allen, “OUU SHIT”
by I.am.da.queen.lmaooo May 5, 2019
ouu okay
originates from Alexa’s fyp
Alexa-“go off ouu okay”
by C44444 August 7, 2021
Wearing gucci, 100k watches, dreadlocks, diamonds, holding guns and acting like your cool.
Walk in the club and flex like ouu
by Elden June 19, 2017