a human like creature of the night which was created by a crazed pirate. a tink randomly appears and creates mischief and chaos. it is a rare creature to see but when spotted it is alway corrupting women and turning them into tinkoholics (addicted to tink) and placing dirty ideas and fantasys into their minds. also the best at destroying motor vehicles and virginities. to survive the TINK feeds on alcohol, marijuana and the feeling of sexual pleasure. a tink can be tracked be the trail of destruction it leaves. it is also blamed when a person needs to get out of trouble.
look at this mess tink must have been here

it wasn't me tink did it
by mk150907 December 29, 2011
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A bum, Hobo, Homeless person, Gypsies or someone who dresses scruffily.
1."Stay away from those Tinks"
2."Instead of throwing those clothes away, give them to the tinks"
3." Look at you, you look like a tink...go and get changed.
by Jackie Walker January 19, 2005
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Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block finally confirmed his meaning of the word, Tink. Jordan wrote on Twitter today with the following example/explanation.
"Tink! is the imaginary sound of my eyelids springing open when I wake up.................TINK!"
by Chica TINKerbell May 7, 2009
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A person who looks like a elephants hairy ballsack
by wafflenugget March 8, 2015
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a way of saying think when someone is too lazy to press the "h" key, which is right next to the "t" key
Person A: Wat do u tink bout cheese

Person B: are you really too lazy to press the "h" key?

Person A: its sposed 2 b; r u reli 2 lazy 2 pres da h key
by zesaladin May 13, 2010
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noun: A man-made device -- a bong of sorts -- that is generally, yet not necessarily, used to smoke marijuana, created using three things: an empty plastic bottle (with a lid), a lighter, and a wrench socket.

By burning a hole into the bottle cap, placing the wrench socket in that hole, burning a "shotgun" near the bottle's base, filling the bottle with water, and the socket-cap with your smoking substance of choice, you are now ready to enjoy a homemade tink.

verb: To smoke from the device {SEE: noun} described above. Nonetheless, it is often used interchangeably (and more discreetly, mind you) to refer to the act of smoking.
noun: Yo, that tink got me twisted, brah!

verb: Trying to tink up, dude?
by tschwelve April 16, 2010
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