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Slang form of heroine derived from the high dopamine content which is the basis of heroine.
How long you been doin' dat dope, Mr. Charles?
by luigi March 14, 2005

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Tanga, like thong or butt floss, a thin strap-like undergarment that shows more than it covers.
The tango dancer enthralled her audience with a good glimpse of her tanga during an especially deep dip.
by Luigi July 11, 2004

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Show lasting 28:30 minutes attempting to sell a particular product on television. Most infomercials air in the overnight time periods, but do run all hours of day.
Wow, check out my new micro-midget! Martha Stewart was the spokeswoman in the infomercial promoting midget tossing.
by Luigi March 24, 2004

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musical attitude or style or genre showing no compromises with approching reality. a direct way of expressing ideas through powerfull walls of sound and an agressive lyric style.
hard core music.
that man is the hard core of his office.
by luigi November 27, 2003

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He's a mean green fighting machine. Mario's younger and under-rated brother. Everyone thinks he's cooler than mario. He jumps higher, he's not a fatass, He sucks up ghosts with his trusty dusty polturgust 3000. All Mario can do is run a bit faster. What good is that? He's a fatass too because he's been eating too many pizzas.
"Omigosh Mario is soooo coooool!"
"Fuck Mario! He had to be rescued by his brother TWICE. What the fuck has he done for him?"
"You're right... Omigosh Luigi is soooo coooool!"

*Mario gets captured* "Help me Luigi!"
"Fuck-a-you You piece of-a-shit you a-deserve it. I'm not a-saving your ass again."
by Luigi June 19, 2006

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Empty-Vee, or television entirely devoid and empty of any redeeming value, except to the corporate megalopolies who profit by selling plastic loaded with idiotic blather passing for music (which it ain't, see rap or hop-hop] ) and a lot of cheezekake as "music" to the undiscerning masses of youth
Boris and Guldina watched hours of MTV until their mother Galena pulled the plug. "Stupid kidniks!" she ranted, "Don't you know that in Soviet Russia, MTV watches YOU?"
by Luigi August 12, 2004

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Britishism: A french-fried potato on white bread sandwich (I am not kidding.)
Neville was feeling punk after losing a football wager, so he nipped up to his flat and made a chip butty to assuage his depression.
by Luigi July 09, 2004

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