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He's a mean green fighting machine. Mario's younger and under-rated brother. Everyone thinks he's cooler than mario. He jumps higher, he's not a fatass, He sucks up ghosts with his trusty dusty polturgust 3000. All Mario can do is run a bit faster. What good is that? He's a fatass too because he's been eating too many pizzas.
"Omigosh Mario is soooo coooool!"
"Fuck Mario! He had to be rescued by his brother TWICE. What the fuck has he done for him?"
"You're right... Omigosh Luigi is soooo coooool!"

*Mario gets captured* "Help me Luigi!"
"Fuck-a-you You piece of-a-shit you a-deserve it. I'm not a-saving your ass again."
by Luigi June 19, 2006
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Origins: University of Michigan dorms

A game where the participants swing from the toilet stall doors and attempt to place a turd into the bowl while swinging back and forth. 2 points for a turd landing in the toilet. Negative (-2) points for turds landing on the floor.
The students had a great game of Mad Bomber going in the dorm lavatory, but when they awoke from a drunken stupor on Monday (with varying degrees of hangover) they were appalled at the stench. So they opted to use the women's lavatory until the women got annoyed and drove them out by swinging their hairdryers as a sort of bolo weapon at the invading males. It wasn't pretty.
by Luigi January 14, 2005
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Lower Midwest slang: contraction of being malignant AND ignorant all at the same time.
Beaufort was not only cantankerous, he was downright malignorant and liable to start a fight over practically anything and nothing.
by Luigi July 12, 2004
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"I must remind myself"
Note to self, as in "Note to self, remember never to proposition women in bars who have with tattoos AND piercings AND crew cuts. "
by Luigi July 09, 2004
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Empty-Vee, or television entirely devoid and empty of any redeeming value, except to the corporate megalopolies who profit by selling plastic loaded with idiotic blather passing for music (which it ain't, see rap or hop-hop ) and a lot of cheezekake as "music" to the undiscerning masses of youth
Boris and Guldina watched hours of MTV until their mother Galena pulled the plug. "Stupid kidniks!" she ranted, "Don't you know that in Soviet Russia, MTV watches YOU?"
by Luigi August 12, 2004
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A dangerous disease of writing software: the original set of features is constantly added to by the product managers, driving the software engineers batty and causing massive delays in release of the product.
The program was delayed nine months by constant feature creep.
by Luigi July 09, 2004
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