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Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance

The governing body in Freespace 2.
by Luigi February 25, 2003
Gay, especially a gay bottom or the masochist of a sado-masochistic homosexual pair. A homo, busycheeks, or a panty-waist,pansy,nancy boy
Bruce was a pillow biter, as his roommate found out.
by Luigi July 11, 2004
Origins: University of Michigan dorms

A game where the participants swing from the toilet stall doors and attempt to place a turd into the bowl while swinging back and forth. 2 points for a turd landing in the toilet. Negative (-2) points for turds landing on the floor.
The students had a great game of Mad Bomber going in the dorm lavatory, but when they awoke from a drunken stupor on Monday (with varying degrees of hangover) they were appalled at the stench. So they opted to use the women's lavatory until the women got annoyed and drove them out by swinging their hairdryers as a sort of bolo weapon at the invading males. It wasn't pretty.
by Luigi January 14, 2005
B school can stand for "business school" or bride school.

Business school is where students obtain MBA's in the hopes of high paying jobs for dot.coms, where they will cash out their stock at age 35 and retire to Palm Beach. Oh yeah.

Bride School, or the School for Etiquette and Wisdom is where Korean gals go to learn how to be submissive, never giving orders to the husband, and not walking around in strapless mules that clack and disturb their elders. See h school for the male equivalent of bride school.
Part of the prenuptual agreement was that Karen attend Bride School and learn to bake pies, make sweaters and how to gracefully open and deliver a cold one while looking demur and sexy.
by Luigi August 10, 2004
Origin: teenage boys summer camp sports event. The sport of lighting farts in a darkened cabin. Longest, brightest wins overall. Best of class can include categories such as color (yellow for sulfur, blue for the rarer methane-producers.) Other categories such as least-singed butthairs are rarer and judged less often, primarily because someone has to be designated as counter of singed butthairs and that requires a strong magnifying glass and an even stronger stomach or a perverted interest in men's butts.
The kids at Hihowahya Summer Camp were caught playing "Solar Flares" and were given kp duty for three weeks, which was stupid as their stay at camp was for fourteen days only.
by Luigi January 14, 2005
Diarrhea; the runs, the hershey squirts (you get the picture. It ain't pretty.)

blowhole = asshole = yer sphincter
After eating at Joe's Ptomaine Shack, Steven had a bad case of diflucous of the blowhole.
by Luigi July 13, 2004
Professional basketball team. Best team in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Jump on the bandwagon and route for the best! The Los Angeles Clippers are the team of the future.
by Luigi May 12, 2004