Kitchen Police, the soldier who is assigned to the kitchen duties in the army or navy. Police means maintenance, repair here, not peace keeping
I was a KP in WWWII and never had a battel with the Japs, what a shame!
by kewt July 14, 2002
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acronym: kitchen patrol. a responsibility to thoroughly clean the kitchen
can't talk now, I'm on KP
by tupperware March 2, 2002
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Slang used by Korean pre-teens meaning, Korean Pride.
by thrive July 22, 2003
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Abbreviation of 'Kein Plan', 'no plan' in German. See np.
A: Do you know how to solve this?
B: kp
A: Me neither..
by hothell June 15, 2009
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A short form of the term "okay". Pronounced "kape", because when you say "okay" really quickly, the "o" is skipped and the ending is cut short by the lips, resulting in the "-ape" sound.

Not unlike using the term "kay" as a substitute for "okay"
John: "I'll let you know when I'm done."
Chris: "kp"
by Andrew Pineapple June 17, 2008
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dirty ass nigga....referring to kickpush

person who like it raw

kp is also know for being a perv as legend was told he was cought master beateing to porn on his friend ps triple...dat dirty ass nigga beating the meat in his friends house

a local kid name butters from farrock said that his teeth was fuck ^ an then he gave him a nickname crusty nigga

seen wit the kunto kentai grinding african teeth on the floor
butters son dis kid is mad kp...dirty ass nigga
by kingbutters August 13, 2008
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