A particularly pernicious, nasty, form of diahhroea in which the victim feels the need to pass gas, but instead liquid shit comes squirting out resulting in a very unpleasant shitting of one's pants, often in a public or otherwise unforgiving location, far from a shithouse.
Damn, I thought I was just gonna fart, but had the Hershey Squirts and wound up shitting myself right there in the mall.
by Wally, the Grotee November 23, 2003
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What happens when you think you was gunna fart but, shit yourself so hard you stop walking
Dude,I was talking to Kelsie and needed to fart but I just completely got the Hershey squirts on full blast
by Schafer The Waffer March 3, 2016
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when somebody has a severe case of hershey squirts its basically diarhea
jamal:ey man what you doin in there?
tyrone:mannn that bitchin taco gave me the hershey squirts
by ahmeddabuster69 June 12, 2018
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horrible fiery diarreah that shoots out in squirts
tami ruined another pair of pants after a particularly acute case of the hershey squirts
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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A prelude to a juicy wet poo poo that are notorious for leaving wet brown marks in the drawers.
I gotta get to the shitta mad quick cuz i got some serious hershey squirts that could go full blown dirty crap in my pants!
by Bong Joos November 27, 2003
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also known as diarhea- the runs- or the shits
nah i cant come out tonight- mary slipped exlax in my drink n i've got the hershey squirts like a motha fucka
by ...mary May 4, 2003
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A severe form of diarrhea caused by a bacterial agent or by eating spicy food.
I got the hershey squirts after eating leftover Taco Bell food.
by AYB March 19, 2003
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