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A particularly pernicious, nasty, form of diahhroea in which the victim feels the need to pass gas, but instead liquid shit comes squirting out resulting in a very unpleasant shitting of one's pants, often in a public or otherwise unforgiving location, far from a shithouse.
Damn, I thought I was just gonna fart, but had the Hershey Squirts and wound up shitting myself right there in the mall.
by Wally, the Grotee November 22, 2003
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(n), to defecate in one's pants, usually under accidental circumstances in which one had intended to expel flatulence.

(v), to experience a hershey squirt.
Larry tried to fart, but instead, had a hershey squirt in his boxer shorts and had to go home to change his clothes.
by Mysterious Joe August 26, 2003
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When you have to take a shit and all that comes out is a loud fart and a spray of shit. (Just compare to the Hershey syrup bottle when it's on it's last squirt).
Bro I had the hershey squirts today, as soon as I sat on the toilet, it started squirtin' out.
by miggelzworth October 25, 2010
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When you go to fart, but a squirt of poop comes out. Woopsie.
Richard Dutka when on an adventure to Tim Horton's and let out a Hershey Squirt in his pants.
by Archibald Wolfgang January 20, 2007
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Slang for diarreah, mud butt or the green-apple splatters.
After dinner at Don Pablos, Leroy had the Hershey Squirts like a mofo.
by asian May 13, 2004
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horrible fiery diarreah that shoots out in squirts
tami ruined another pair of pants after a particularly acute case of the hershey squirts
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
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