1.) Shortstop for the New York Yankees. He is definitley not overrated. Though statistically he is not the greatest SS in baseball, anyone who has seen him play knows that in all other respects he is. Perfect example...July 1, 2004 against the Sox. He is a fanastic player, and is pretty easy on the eyes as well.
Jeter is better than Nomar (who's not bad, but still not as good as DJ) and pretty much every other SS out there.
by K July 22, 2004
The shortstop for the New York Yankees who is not as overrated as people think. He had more hits over a 5-year period than anyone in recent history, and he made what is possibly the greatest play ever during the 2001 ALDS vs the Oakland Athletics.
Derek Jeter is a great shortstop that will definitely make the Hall of Fame. He also has 4 World Series rings, which is 4 more than Nomar Garciaparra (who is excellent as well) and Alex Rodriguez (who sucks Bud Selig's balls) combined.
by It's easy mm-kay! December 23, 2003
A Baseball player for the Yankees who always gives his best every game. July 1st, 2004 showed his determination of the game where he caught a short pop fly nobody could've caught and couldnt slow down in time to avoid crashing into the Yankee Stadium seats.
non baseball fan: Why does Derek Jeter always run for his life on pop flies?
non baseball fan's friend: Because he's Derek Jeter
by BaseballFanatic27 July 9, 2005
Great shortstop for the New York Yankees. Although he is not the best shortstop in the league, is best under pressure. He becomes a different person in Octuber. With his four worldseries rings, MVP Awards for the 2000 all-star game and World series, two amazing plays in the 2001 ALCS, all-time leader with 101 carreer postseason hits, he is certainly the best and most important shortstop in postseason history.
by dora July 24, 2003
a shortstop for the new york yankees. a graet player but not the best. a very hansome man and a great sport
derek jeter hit a home run and made a great play in the same game.
by maddye johnson November 28, 2003
A Major League Baseball player who was drafted sixth overall in the 1992 MLB Amateur Draft. A perennial All-Star and current captain of the New York Yankees, Jeter is a terrific hitter who has frequent troubles defending his position at shortstop. He won four World Series titles as a member of the Yankees between 1996-2000. He is often credited with having great intangibles, although this is all speculation since these qualities cannot be measured. Also known for his handsome looks and mulatto ancestry.
Objective fan #1: "Derek Jeter occasionally costs the Yankees runs because of his inability to make effective plays on balls hit to his right."

Objective fan #2: "Yes, but he makes up for it because he is excellent at the plate and is able to work the count and get on base."

Objective fan #1: "I agree."
by Timothy Riel October 14, 2008