30 definition by LuLu

when one cannot decide between two outfits
I feel quordioblasphemy when I cannot make up my mind between my hot new gold halter and my hot pink tube top.
by lulu December 31, 2004

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old school davey haviok, like a devils lock but to the side
o shit nick sismals such a loser, he has his wannabe 1 inch devilsa lock
by lulu May 26, 2004

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(n) somebody stupid

(adj) a new way of typing "lmfao"; describing something extremely funny
You lumfap!!


by LuLu March 07, 2004

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a new and improved medication in helping you deal with your struggles with mentally retarded peoples
When you are fed up with the mentally retarded in today's society, RetarFed!
by LuLu March 07, 2004

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meaning alot of, or very very much so.
He had caboodles of macaroni in his pants.
We a had a caboodles of a time.
by lulu May 08, 2004

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Impossibly large. Larger than the imagination can fathom.
I was running accross campus, after the hottest boy in my class.... I called his name and slipped in a Muldookey puddle as he turned around.
by lulu January 16, 2003

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impyling that the receiver is grateful for a gift or action that has taken place
Woah, you smacked up that mean son-of-a-bitch that nicked my pint, chex dude!
by Lulu January 31, 2003

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