30 definitions by LuLu

A word used by Luis. Actual definition TBA.
Other variations of the word: Cock him up, cock her up
Hey that bitch is looking at you; cock her up!
by LuLu March 02, 2004
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to be pissed with sum1
he's got the monk on wit her
by lulu May 14, 2003
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to be really really bad, in any way whatsoever. Ie: taste, looks, etc. Can apply to a situation.
NO way man... thats so raisin!
This crap is raisin.
I hate that girl shes so raisin.
by lulu May 08, 2004
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gay, flamboyant, whatever you want to call it.
he is very cosmic when it comes to his dance moves
by lulu February 25, 2005
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the top of the crack of the ass; the plumber's crack
Pull up your pants. Your chunch is showing!
by lulu April 18, 2005
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a person who has sexual intercourse with a different species
sometimes pat humps his dog
by lulu February 19, 2005
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It is an alcoholic drink
Runnin round this bitch, pissy drunk off tha snub!
by LULU February 25, 2005
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