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The tendency for some project or operation to exceed its original boundaries and purpose, usually putting its participants into difficult or unforeseen circumstances. These may cause the original purpose to change, or to become unachievable.
The U.S. at first just tried to get the Viet Cong out of Vietnam, but after years of mission creep, they found themselves fighting the NVA, Cambodians, and others.
by Lt. Commander Data March 21, 2011
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When you get told by a particular science teacher to revise for a test THE DAY BEFORE it happens and then have to wait 3-6 weeks for the test to be marked.
Me: Have you revised for that test?
Friend: No, she likes moydening anyway.
by Lt. Commander Data August 13, 2013
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n. (1) An auction having several of the same item up for bid at once, with a minimum bid. Bidding starts with people offering a fixed price at or above the minimum for a certain number of, or all of, the items available. Highest offered price wins, regardless of how many items were bid on by that bidder, and winners then descend by final offered price.

A feature unique to this style of auction is that, if a lower-bidding participant bid for x items, but due to higher-bidding winners could only buy fewer than x, he has the right to back out and purchase none at all.

(2) a form of auction similar to the above, once but no longer held on eBay, in which the same rules were generally followed, with rules for bid times and final winning prices calculated slightly differently.
They had ten signed NFL footballs up at the stadium that they were dutch auctioning off for charity- one guy got 5, one got 2, and I got 3 and paid the least!
by Lt. Commander Data February 20, 2011
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(prison use) vt, vi, adj: used to describe a prison sentence that runs consecutively to another sentence
He got 2 years for assault and 2 more for using a gun, and the judge ran them boxcarred.
by Lt. Commander Data December 04, 2008
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(prison use) A situation where one prisoner attempts to frame, set up, blackmail, extort, or abuse another weaker inmate, usually through seemingly innocent acts or requests
Marcus got Jeff in a real trick bag, got him to carry those drugs and then informed on him.
by Lt. Commander Data December 04, 2008
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