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The Communist-led guerrilla force and revolutionary army of South Vietnam.
The Viet Cong had their first victory of the Vietnam War at the Battle of Ap Bac in January 1963, which was followed by the overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem and an increasingly less stable South Vietnam.
by Dancing with Fire September 07, 2012
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I am a melomaniac.
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To ambush someone in a video game by hiding and then jumping out and spam clicking/firing.
Dude I just Vietconged that sonofabitch.
Viet Cong means ambush
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by TheBenniestOfShapiros April 03, 2020
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n: South vietnamese rebels during the Vietnam war.
adj: Used to describe something communistic, rebellistic, witty, or elusive-istic.
The fork in this plastic bag of plastic "silverware" is sharp and elusive like the vietcong. I wish I could find it, but the "plasticware" is really crowded, it's like a jungle in the bag and I cannot find the *explitive* fork. I really need the fork to eat some cake...with sprinkles.
by El Barto June 14, 2004
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