North Vietnamese Army; aka Vietnam People's Army.
The NVA were the communists who fought against the Southern Vietnamese. Vo Nguyen Giap was one of it's most notable commanders.
by Dancing with Fire June 24, 2011
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Non-Value Added. Synonymous with HR
HR is a total NVA department. All they do is screw the people who actually contribute to the bottom line of this company and talk about lunch plans for the next day.
by Wiseman July 11, 2006
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(Acronym) No Vertical Application. Derogatory remark, usually referring to a woman, which infers that her only useful function is a horizontal one, i.e. only good for sex. The term NVA is applied to anyone who displays stupidity or otherwise suggests that they are useless.
That waitress hasn't got anything right today, she's so NVA.
by JediAndi September 4, 2005
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Acronym. "No value added.", someone usu. a co-worker that performs no useful work.
That guy is totally NVA. He shows up and reads the paper all day.
by Rick Niles June 30, 2005
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NVA is an acronym for northwest volunteer army, a fictional white nationalist insurgent group in the Northwest novels written by the leader of the Northwest front Harold A. Convington.
The NVA is back at it again, they car-bombed a local congressman!
by 14Woodchuck88 June 25, 2019
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nva, stands for never valid again, as in nba yb.
“bro ur so nva”

by WOT?? emo kirk drauskam c January 30, 2022
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