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Put-down given to someone or peoples that live in the wilderness where there are mroe sheep than people.

See wales.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
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A derogitory term for a supporter of Cardiff City, Swansea City or any other Welsh football team playing in the English league.
"Man, whenever the sheepshaggers come to town we always whoop their arses."
by Banginboy1728 May 13, 2010
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someone who lives in a secluded place surrounded by farms which they visit during the evening time
He was accused of being a sheepshagger
by staggie April 01, 2003
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a tribe in newzealand who screws sheep, the ethinics of this tribe spread all over newzealand so now every kiwi is now offically a sheepshagger
sheepshagger some one who shags sheep
by tainted shadow August 14, 2006
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An insult hurled at new zealanders, by australians mostly. it is a reference to the sheep prominence in new zealand- ten sheep to every person. sheep cant breed that fast on their own, so the "sheep shaggers" help
Kiwi: we fucked you aussie's up in the rugby union!!

Aussie: go fuck a sheep, ya sheep shagger.

Kiwi: leave my mutton out of this...
by Albert Aussie September 03, 2005
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