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trying to have sex with a limp dick; usually out of desperation or intoxication
"oh we didn't have sex last night, he was too wasted. if we did, it just woulda been a lot of smushing."
by fu_manchu January 30, 2010
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making out. snogging. kissing. tongueing. does not, and I repeat does NOT, include any other sexual actions.. simple as that (;
scenario 1

girl 1: oh my jonas - have you smushed him yet?
girl 2: oh my jonas - I want to be but not yet

girl 2 runs off crying

scenario 2

guy 1: nick is gonna bash you in for smushing his girlfriend
guy 2: I know - but totally worth it

guy 1 and guy 2 high five
by VintageSocks January 31, 2010
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verb. smushing or to smush is the active verb of eating, drinking, smoking or talking on your mobile while flying a passenger plane.
'Shit my dog! I just saw the pilot smushing, we need to get off this mother fucking plane dog!'
by PlipandPlop July 24, 2006
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The act of smiling and blushing at the same time. The blush does not take away from the smile but rather extends it as the reason for blushing comes from deeper within. Or a smile that changes into a blush while remaining a smile to the lesser observant.
When she mentioned how positively I had made her feel after our lengthy, early morning chat, I felt this surge of pride that had me smushing uncontrollably.
by davric November 22, 2009
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