168 definition by Lisa

Someone rich people get to take care of their children cause they are to lazy to do it themselves.
The rich woman rather shop all day then take care of the children.
by Lisa October 20, 2004

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Cigerette.. or can be used to mean Smoke a cigerette
" can we stoge in the house? "
by Lisa April 14, 2004

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A Sissy
That candy ass over there is going to get his ass kicked
by Lisa November 07, 2003

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Something that is able to be found on the popular Internet search engine Google.
Mrs. Kim's husband is googleable.
by Lisa November 12, 2004

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A fat person
That Lard Ass had better watch his weight.
by Lisa November 07, 2003

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I think "Prettyful" is somewhere in between Pretty and Beautiful.
Isn't she prettyful today all dressed in orange.
by lisa November 20, 2003

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Used by Sicilian gangs, it is now a separate branch of organized crime. It's meaning is literally, "This thing of ours". It goes back hundreds of years, when the Mafia was invented to protect Sicilian families from maurauding gangs and conquerers.
Lucy Luciano was known for bringing La Cosa Nostra to the United States.
by Lisa April 19, 2005

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