921 definition by Light Joker

1. excellent

2. delicious
She sure knows how to make a scrumptious stack of pancakes.
by Light Joker April 07, 2006

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1. a person who is excessively sympathetic to the a plight of a person or group of people

2. a emotionally concerned person

(from the religous picture of the bleeding heart of jesus)
He called me a bleeding heart when he I told him about how bad that place was and how the residents suffered.
by Light Joker July 01, 2007

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1. to shock or disorient someone

2. to panic, to lose control
Woah, don't freak out, it's not the end of the world.
by Light Joker May 03, 2007

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This includes but is not limited to:

Repeatedly asking sombody to date you when they said no,

Asking sombody about their sexual oriantation,


Touching sombodys privates,

sexual comments,

Showing your private parts sombody when they do not want to see them,

and using somones position to get sexual favors form them.
There Are more I think, but I cannot rememer them.
by Light Joker August 21, 2004

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a female below the legal age of sexual consent
That girl is obviously jail bait. How can you not see that?
by Light Joker October 14, 2005

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1. the penis

2. a stupid or obnoxious person
Shut up you sleazy dipstick.
by Light Joker April 17, 2007

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someone who will cry over the smallest thing out of self pity
Grow some balls you fucking crybaby.
by Light Joker March 23, 2006

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