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Do you understand?, Do I make myself clear?
It's the only thing you can do about it, capish.
by Light Joker March 12, 2006
1. double income no kids

2. a disparaging term for a person of East Asian nationality or decent
He got fired for calling his co-worker a dink.
by Light Joker October 7, 2004
The testicals(a jocular euphemism, from the fact that the testicals are necesary to produce a family)
by Light Joker September 18, 2004
of broad or universal application (from a label on clothing products that indicates they can accommodate the size of any wearer)
War is not a one size fits all solution.
by Light Joker October 18, 2006
the face one supposedly makes during an orgasm
He made an o-face after dropping the book.
by Light Joker June 6, 2007