Repressive, apathetic, does not care enough, brain dead, has no pulse, unlively, passive or passive aggressive, not caring enough, slow paced, follower mind set, compatable, middle american, lack of passion, lack of drive, bland, boring, white bread american.
laid back is another way to describe a culture, community or a person that tends to be repressive, apathetic, passive, submissive, slow, lack of passion or drive, and or lacks guts!
by kminipi October 28, 2007
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D: heyy im soo laid back
B: yeah thats just you being lazy...
by Young Reezie February 2, 2010
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When a person gets stuff done....... ..... ..... eventually.... .... they are laid back. Someone who is constantly relaxed, and refuses to argue over something that isn't important unless they admit that it isn't important- in that case they'll have a nice, relaxed, argument. Someone who is laid back will never pick a fight, and is never stuck up.
Joe: Is Jason all ticked off that we trashed his house?
Jonny: Nah, he's so laid back that nothing irritates him.
by Otto Von Bismarck January 17, 2006
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This guy named Burnett that I used to work with defines the concept of laid back.
As a matter of fact, he pretty much defines all the following words as well...
congenial, cool, easygoing, frank, low-pressure, mellow, natural, open, relaxed, unceremonious, unconstrained, urbane, without ceremony

A very cool guy to work with.
Wow! That guy is almost as laid back as Burnett!
by bugdog March 23, 2004
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The word laid back has been used a lot in New Zealand. Many Kiwis call themselves are laid back. But I just call it lazy. The main reason they are laid back is they are too fat to move.
Laid back
by James Pig September 3, 2009
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