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11 definitions by LetsTalkAboutX

4451 … Lets talk about x

Or not as the case may be …
4451 … All the good times and that bad times that maybe …
by LetsTalkAboutX July 20, 2022
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535 … Never say never


535 … Adore you … ….. loads
535 … Once I caught a fish alive
by LetsTalkAboutX July 19, 2022
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Sweet Heart

Sweet flame

Going shops

Sweet dreams

Burn2 crisp

Lotof games

Like to infinity
55…. Oh that could also be an S perhaps ….

I 5ee how this could catch on….
by LetsTalkAboutX July 19, 2022
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When something isn’t as it should be .. needs inspection, or introspection perhaps … bringing truth to the surface…

Shine a light

See what emerges

If that’s nothing or still cloaked in mystery that also tells it’s own story
Shine a light .. make it bright
by LetsTalkAboutX July 21, 2022
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