Used in the phrase "on the same wavelength", meaning that you are thinking the same thing / thinking alike.
You got the same answer? Good! We're on the same wavelength.
by Sneeshy November 17, 2004
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The length of time it takes to figure out how the hell to use Google Wave.
Jack: How long was your wavelength?
Mack: One hundred million years. Give or take.
by TheSeanWilson November 3, 2009
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to say the same thing as your sister at the exact same time.
song comes on radio....
Lam looks at Kiks
Kiks looks at Lam
And that is wavelenghth wavelength wavelength
by Kiks September 20, 2007
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One of those annoying creeps who pretends he is into all the same things as a girl to try and get into her dark place. They possess some sort on stealth powers as the girls can never see that they are being tricked. Dumbasses.
Fontaine: That sod Mark is wavelengthing my girlfriend when I'm at work, trying to get her to play a rusty trombone on him.That fucking wavelengther bastard chutney ferret.

Garfield: Meh, she's a porker anyway, let him have her.
by stu-rob-billy-bob October 25, 2006
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The amount of time a nigga can do the wave with his penis, to attract female bodies.
Nigger/Hustler #2: "Yo that nigga over there got that new 'Wavelength.' He can do the worm by only moving his dick in wave patterns on the ground"
by Sibo of the mountains June 3, 2005
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Being on the same wavelength is similar to the expression "We're totally on the same page" or "Great minds think alike" It means that you and the other person are similar in thinking at that very precise moment. Often this happens when you voice a thought and someone else says the exact same thing or something similar. It just means you had the same opinion on something about a certain topic, issue or whatever.
"That skirt is to die for. It would go so well with the heels I bought last Saturday"

"Was just thinking the exact same thing!"

"Haha, we're on the same wavelength I guess!"
by Mewtew September 19, 2013
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Noun used to describe when you and your friend(s) are on your period and thinking the exact same thing, sometimes several times in succession.

It can also be used when not on one's menstruation, but that was not what the phrase was originally meant for.
Julia: OMG, Nancy, you know what we should do?

Nancy: Steal Bob's chocolate bar?!

Julia: Yes! We're, like, totally on the same vagina wavelength.
by BriFee June 18, 2009
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