Mckayla: Are you goin to the movies tomorrow night?
Emily: Probs.
by Emily Locke February 14, 2007
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Short form of "Probably."
Can also be used as "Probs not."
Guy 1: "I'll probs go to the movies on Saturday. How 'bout you?"

Guy 2: "Probs not."
by Shadowparadox August 22, 2007
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Short for probably, usually used in a sarcastic mannor to be indirect about the point you're actually trying to make.
Nathan: Are you going to english?
Max: Cuz i probs am going to english!
Nathan: So you are?
Max: Probs am though arn't I!
Nathan: Right...
by lmaoprobs January 15, 2010
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An abbreviation used by 15-18 year old girls for the word probably.
Sara: "Are you going to blow Jeremy after prom?"
Christina: "Probs"
by Nick379009 September 24, 2017
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Bryan: Hey man, wanna go hit the club again tonight?

Jake: Sure thing bro, but I gotta get some probs out of the way first.

Ray Denzil: probs
by Ray Denzils September 19, 2018
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Guy: "Hey are we gonna have sex soon?"
Girl: "probs"
by SteezyStef March 8, 2012
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