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A very thin woman with huge breasts.
Beth was so this she looked like tits on a stick.
by Leon February 27, 2003
This would be a discribing how a girl is towards sexual activitys with ANY males! "game as a badger" is referin g to badgers being hunted a.k.a game.
" ere you, suck us off my sack needs emptying "

" get it out then, ill suck you dry "

" haha shes game as a badger this one "
by Leon February 25, 2005
yeah, but there ain't no "we", either.
taken from the budweiser commercial featuring Leon.
by Leon November 3, 2004
OPinions & EDitorials
An op-ed peice for the NY times
by Leon June 19, 2006
Yo Dog. That Nigga needs a gotdamn bambalance, his shiznit it gone!
by Leon March 1, 2005