39 definitions by Leon

Alright fdsjk fklfff
Orright then fjkfff gg
by Leon April 15, 2005
The stain on ones undergarments left after an explosive anal emission.
"Oh my God ! Dom has shit himself again, you can see that skidmark on his faded blue jeans !"
by Leon October 22, 2003
like "unlucky" or "bummer" not the homosexual meaning of bummer though!
Boy 1: My bitch dumped me last night man

Boy 2: Savaaaage!
by Leon December 28, 2004
the stride with which a phobang walks. a phobango is a long, slow stride with exaggerated upper body movement phobang
look at that phobang! his walk is definitely a fobango!
by Leon December 9, 2003
Ah'm snakebit and de pizen cant hawm me, Ah'm snakebit and bound to die.
by Leon July 6, 2006
Ah'm snakebit and the pizen cant hawm me, Ah'm snakebit and bound to die
by Leon July 7, 2006
Short for "art school fag" - anyone who attends college and majors in something vaguely creative and think they are hot shit. can often be recognized by tight black t-shirts, psuedo-controversial views, etc. also see EURO-TRASH
"that cigarette (slim) smoking leninist over there - total ASF."
by Leon July 5, 2003