The place where everyone one hangs out at. A place where your were raised up at, and where all your guys hang out at.
Where you at man? On The Block, everybody over here, we about to hoop.
by Tay_Boy April 8, 2006
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a block in the city where one can go to buy narcotics.
"yo lets go get some weed"
"from who"
"lets go down to the block"
by nego October 31, 2005
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The action of many friends having sex with one girl one after another. Usually done for the sheer amusement that the girl would do such a thing.
Yea man we put her on the block last night!
by arsenick6 April 26, 2006
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where drugs are sold,where stick up kids run game on big wigs, where its poppin all the time
man im bout to go the block and get these custos
by da 1 n only April 16, 2006
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The block is an area Harlem thats where the term originated. If it is used to describe anywhere else it was just taken by biters.
"We coppin rides niggas coke har,d go hard we BLOCK niggas," Juelz Santana. He's from the block
by u don't know who June 27, 2007
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In the hood, when there's nobody outside.
Brisco: Hey Tyrone, y'all still hoopin today?
Tyrone: Nah man, its No block.
by Bama Slunn November 12, 2018
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