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when a female performs oral sex on a guy followed by her swallowed the sperm. the male then tickles her and watches as cum shoots our her nose
yo i was getting head from this chick and when she finished i gave her the good ole steaming dragon
by Lee November 17, 2004
A homosexual male who wishes to be Asian but is actually incredibly white. Generally displays gay movements and Caucasian cultural habits.
Man, he wouldn't be such a forkin if he didn't walk around like a fag all the time.
by Lee October 13, 2003
She was a bit chunky and didn't want to put out. After tipping back a pint and a couple celebrity mixers, we shagged on her car -- she had her mechanic pull the ass print out of the hood a couple days later.
by Lee November 26, 2003
A usually careless sexual act that speads the sexually transmitted disease: Trich
She didn't wash off the dildo before putting it into me so now I have Trich.
by Lee February 20, 2005
a very diry blow job, and slopy blowjob
by Lee February 4, 2003
piece of crap car that has a major problem twice weekly circa 1990
by Lee March 28, 2003
When you are doing a girl doggy style and have ur friend hide in the closet with a video camera. When you call him/her out of the closet you hang onto the girls tits and see how long you can hang on for.
I exampled it in Definition and background.
by Lee January 21, 2005