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A person who has one American parent and one german parent Or a German who has emagrated to the USA
by Lee November 21, 2004
A gay rip off of the ROFLCOPTER, (bastardized and popularized by prepubescent Internet whore, Snipey!) that incidcates the taking of an original idea and altering it slightly to play off as your own.
Dude#1: "Dude, check out what I came up with!"

Dude#2: "Dude, that's not your idea! Fucking snipeycopter."
by Lee April 1, 2005
To have a ton of people, to fit lots of people
The party was packed, there were madd headz there.
by Lee February 18, 2005
it involves 2 gay guys one puts his dick up his ass then cums up his ass and then sucks it out with a straw.
by Lee May 24, 2004
What ends up getting you caught.
Used because that's what tied Billy Clinton to gettin head from Monica, they found his sperm on the dress
That's the little blue dress.
by Lee October 26, 2004
Said by CATA in Rush Hour 2.....produces a humor feeling for some people....
jmonlee! cata cata! jmonlee
by Lee April 27, 2004
a name for a style of person or band that play/listen to the most immense music on earth..
u know this shits greenycore...thats well greenycore
by Lee September 20, 2004