to describe something in absolute relativity to its spectrum of reality
This place is cool as all get out. This food is gross as all get out. She is lookin' hot as all get out. He is sharp as all get out tonight!
by RyanPK December 1, 2006
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very; extremely; to the utmost degree to which it is attainable; moreso than normal.
"It was as cold as all get out. Seriously. I was freezing my balls off."
by bosnia13 January 30, 2009
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Something sooo dirty or haggard that one would not even wanna be in the same room.
Guy 1: Yo, that hooch was such a slut. I gave her a sprinkled donut last night.
Guy 2: Damn, she's scurvy as all get out.
Guy 1: Chea.
by Mark N' Paul (Best Buds) October 9, 2006
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Heaviest all all things. Heavier than anything else.
That box is heavy as all get out!
by Tinker111 February 17, 2018
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