110 definitions by Lee

a crip is tha realist person and where im from its blue and gray hoova crip all day.
snoop dog z-ro 2-pac is westcide
by Lee October 13, 2003
1) Someone who's job it is to fuck
2) Like the man but far more superior
1) I just got some action off the fucking man
2) I am so good, I am the fucking man
by Lee June 22, 2004
the act of having sex comes from the city of G-town MD
Man, they are gonna poke tonight
by Lee March 29, 2005
AKA: Trick or Trich - A sexual Transmitted disease that is contracted from Orgies, Thongs and wiping from back to front (females). This disgusting yet treatable disease causes infertility, vaginal stink, itching and sometimes painful urination in men. What is it? Tiny LIVING parasites.
by Lee February 20, 2005
a slow from the factory car, that like every tuner car made, has the potential to be a great. it handles quite well out of the box, but acelerates for shit.
i own a focus ZX5, it was slow, then i put 15 grand and overnight parts from mars, and now its lightning quick.
by Lee March 7, 2005