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Said by CATA in Rush Hour 2.....produces a humor feeling for some people....
jmonlee! cata cata! jmonlee
by Lee April 27, 2004
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Def: Super dee duper loud and crazy girls such as myself and my mui mui linden =)
Wah, those linden and lee are two kai gwai mui's!
by Lee January 18, 2005
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she brings a whole new definition to the word "woman."

you inspire me so much.
by Lee December 22, 2003
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a word I once heard a german porn star call his lover.
"Yam suck on meine scheisse you fucking dirty kelpsy!"
by Lee September 18, 2002
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"LUNCH" as known by MRS SPRINGER, the Math Teacher who Attempted SUICIDE.
"Okay fowks, it's time to go to lanch"
by Lee October 24, 2003
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