retarded way to write "okay" for wannabe "ghetto" people.
Isn't the point of ghetto writing is having to type/write less? What kind of idiot adds an extra letter !?! Even better, how about plain old OK ?!?!?!

Person 1: Okayz !
Person 2: FAG !
by sTaR zZz May 19, 2005
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This means okay, over and over. Though, you could just send Okay or OK. Many people use Okayz (Okay, Okay, Okay) as a chill response. Letting the person know you’re listening and understanding them. No one really says it in person. It’s mostly used in texts
This means okay over and over.

Text Example:

Female: Wdy like me?

Male: I love chocolate. I love shape. I love good and juicy pussy. I love beauty. I love intelligence.

Female: Okayz (Okay, Okay, Okay), makes sense.
by JKings4 January 30, 2018
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