9 definitions by L_Z

to be covered in spunk, like bukakke.
Gemma's face was all spunky after the 5 man bukakke session.
by L_Z January 28, 2005
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The slapping sound commonly made when doing a meaty chick
Raymond could hear sex slap noises coming from the other room as his brother was fucking some big booty.
by L_Z January 6, 2005
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Definition is obvious, however it is useful to expand your vocabulary and use other words for this condition.
Julie just made a fresh sample of panty mayonaisse for the pant sniffers.
by L_Z February 2, 2005
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Good way to define trailer trash or pikeys(uk).
That family is grubby
by L_Z January 19, 2005
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Yep, they got the evil fucker Jamster in the UK as well. I wanna see that frog be brutally tortured. They need to be stopped at all costs...Whos with me?
Pull out troops in Iraq and set them to assault Jamster HQ.
by L_Z February 14, 2005
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Big Frendly Genitals. Kiddie fiddlers claim to have them.
Hey kids, don't talk to strangers who wanna show you their BFG
by L_Z January 11, 2005
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