A common beginning to a sentence, spoken by urban dwellers
by Tbone April 22, 2004
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Definition is obvious, however it is useful to expand your vocabulary and use other words for this condition.
Julie just made a fresh sample of panty mayonaisse for the pant sniffers.
by L_Z February 2, 2005
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Taking someone to the mayonaisse aisle means you're going to have sex with them.
Hey honey, I'm feeling sorta frisky. How about you and me head over to the mayonaisse aisle?
by silentsid December 24, 2009
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point of origin unknown! Is a new phrase used to describe ones attire and general style. They think they are original but in reality by trying to be different they actually fail! Comes fomr people who think chicken mayo is an individual filling of sandwich.
Bob's hair is so chicken mayo
Fanny thinks that she is so individual but actually she is a complete chicken mayo!
by Billy Bob December 4, 2004
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your ass sweats so much the cheeks slide when you walk.Like you have mayo in your cheeks
I got the mayonaisse ass
by mickeyfinnmickey August 9, 2019
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