A word used in place of or in conjunction with fuck.

origin: Fiddlers fuck.
1. I dont give a fiddlers fuck
2. Drop a glass "fiddlers" or "fids"
by m9ms0 January 19, 2009
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rooting from Ron White's stand up phrase, "I don't give a fiddler's fuck!"
A way to say "I don't give a fuck" in public or mixed company.
(at a family dinner) cousin 1: Do you want wheat bread or white bread, cuz?

cousin 2: Fiddlers! Thanks for this amazing meal Grandma!
by bipdaboss January 3, 2014
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Derived from the word and meaning "diddler", one who goes great length to pursue girls who are usually younger than he is. Fiddlers are usually older male high school students looking to hit on freshman/sophomore females by involving themselves in their activities, no matter how misplaced they are (e.g instructor/co-ed varsity teams/yoga lessons/easier classes).
Man, Vytas is such as fiddler for coaching the junior girls volleyball team.
by B0bSaget November 24, 2009
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The country version of a violinist that doesn't like classical music, but enjoys playing hoedowns (breakdowns) and fiddle waltzes. Found all throughout classic country, bluegrass, and modern country music. Also referred to as fiddle players
Natalie is going to be the fiddler at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee someday.
by thecoalminersdaughter January 13, 2013
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A term to describe a nonce with ginger hair whose eye look in different directions
"Hey look there's fiddler!" "With ginger hair and bad eye sight"
by Deno muller March 21, 2022
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When a women licks the side of a shlong as if she was playing the fiddle.
"I really want to bang Amanda, I hear she is stupendous as the fiddler."
by Facktopian Bob September 16, 2015
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Jewish in looks and actions, also had a fondness for kids

also they cant drive normal cars
Jason is such a fiddler
by Super NaTaS November 4, 2007
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