An Oxford evolutionary biologist, recently retired, who has written several books including "The God Delusion" and "The Greatest Show on Earth."

Consistently the subject of fanatical religious attacks, which claim him to be equally dogmatic. Most of these criticisms come from uneducated or tactless Christian apologists, who have read very little of his material and understand little about atheism and/or biology.

Has never claimed to be dogmatic, but insists that he answers to reason alone. This is a contextually correct statement when you look at his accusers. Most of his critics choose to willfully submit to religion, God, and Jesus, based on their "strong spiritual and Biblical evidence." Such people are universally panned as "Jesusfreaks."

Is a leading figure of the atheist movement which includes Hitchens, Dennet, and Harris. Is also the subject of Urban Dictionary attacks by Christian dogmatists who have never picked up a book beside the Bible.
You don't fawk with the Dawk.

Richard Dawkins just busted out a can of intellectual kick-ass on that creationist.
by Crocaduck November 10, 2011
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Much misunderstood evolutionary scientist who seems to have provoked much anger here, presumably from people who have not attempted to read any of his books.
I was abused by a priest. I've had a right Richard Dawkins of a day.
by hairybloke September 9, 2010
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born in 1941, coiner of the word meme. He has lately taken up the mantle of the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair and become the obnoxious atheist of the English-speaking world.

He wrote an essay called Viruses of the Mind, referring to religion. He calls believers, faith-sufferers, and disparages even those who are tolerant of others' faith. He thinks they are a large part of the problem.

Richard Dawkins, you sure are an arrogant atheist.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd April 10, 2007
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Richard Dawkins is an athiestic bioligist that has written many books regarding science and evolution. He has been noted for his condescending usage of the word "bright" to describe a belief in athiesm. Granted he is a smart man but it seems but his biased attitude sometimes leads him to ignore facts about a metaphysical reality.
Richard Dawkins is simply an arrogant man with a false intellectuality.
by Celtic rose. March 27, 2007
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A scientist infamous for being the most arrogant and biased intellectual in the world and largely for his devoted army of unintelligent fanboys, who will most likely vote down on this entry and all others that speak poorly of.
Richard Dawkins: "The crusades are a perfect example of how religion hurts the world."
Child: "But nearly all the crusaders hadn't even read the Bible. They were mostly in it to gain wealth, led by power-hungry popes who twisted religion for their advantage. They would've used other means to get people to do their bidding if religion didn't exist."
Richard Dawkins: "Nonsense. Atheists have never hurt anyone."
Child: "Oh. You must be forgetting Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, two of the most infamous mass-murders and oppressive dictators in history. Don't worry, you've just got a less evolved mind."
Richard Dawkins: "But- but- The World Trade Centers! That happened because of religious teachings!"
Child: "Wow. One sour apple. One group. Let's just throw the baby out with the bath water. If one religion has malicious teachings, all religions must be evil. Riiiight..."

Richard Dawkins is a perfect example of why the dark ages came about. Arrogant and selfish men who made stuff up to get millions to do their bidding, while everyone else suffers (except rather than religion, he calls it "survival of the fittest").

Fortunately, Richard Dawkins is too fixed on destroying religion with twisted and made up facts to do anything else. Otherwise he'd be busy getting slavery reinstated, executing the disabled, and earning an honest living.
by STJosh September 27, 2007
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Wrote woefully out-of-date book about genetics called The Selfish Gene. Wrote several equally boring books. Has never actually done anything remotely important in his field of study, except come up with a really stupid concept called a "meme". This concept is, like phlogiston, or the aether, not particularly helpful and is in fact downright harmful in the field of studying culture. The field of memetics has yet to produce a single worthwhile hypothesis or theory.
Dickie Dorkins (Richard Dawkins) wrote a book called the God Delusion, and used his own pretend-friend delusion of memes to rationalize his way through the book. This is called "irony".
by Stephen Jay Gould December 23, 2009
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