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The process of expansionism is taking a simple point and making it complicated, usually using long words and complicated sentence structure, for the purposes of looking smart.
"I'm trying to draw the important distinction between a tool and a work of art. one of the important reasons for drawing this distinction is for ascribing authorship. with photoshop, credit goes to the user. with Text Rain, though the experience is in a sense co-authored, credit goes to the artist. is Text Rain a tool? Camille Utterback would say that it's an interactive product made using C and other software tools. I would have to agree with her. it is a work of art (and a good one i think) but i don't think it is a tool. You make a good point that some tools can be considered a work of art, particularly given that tools in and of themselves can be titillating to the brain or senses. I would add that one can appreciate the artistry that went into a tool's creation. I suppose this could fall within the category of titillation."
by Reuben Strayer May 03, 2004
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