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Expression used when seeing an impressive back side.
"Good Googly Moogly, that chick has a nice Ace of Clubs."
by Kreg Keagy August 19, 2007

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Term used when talking about Jazz Band.
Saying Jazz Band is awesome and makes people jizz themselves.
Term originated by Kodi Low.
"Dude i just got back from Jizz Band. I need a clean pair of pants."
by Kreg Keagy October 26, 2007

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Another word for Ass or butt
Dat ho got a bangin' Ace of Clubs
by Kreg Keagy August 19, 2007

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Another word for Vagina or Pussy
"I was all in dat hoe's Queen of Hearts, last night"
by Kreg Keagy August 26, 2007

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The first and last shammy you'll ever need. Trust me, This thing does miracles. Works in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even your new boat.

Don't trust leading imitators!
-"Hey Jeff?"

-"Yeah Kwon"

-"Hand me that Sham-wow!"


-"Me and the wife just had sex"
by Kreg Keagy July 22, 2008

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What someone says when they fart and burp at that same time. Although very rare, it is a useful word to let someone know that those two body functions happened.
Victor-"Hey guys? Guess What?.....Bandana...."

Jeff-"Yeah right, that never happens"

Kwon-"Well I just heard him burp"

****30 Seconds Later*****

Jeff-"OMG! What is that smell? YOU DID FART?"
by Kreg Keagy July 21, 2008

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