A woman of any race who is only interested in White men.
Don't bother asking her out, she's a Queen of Hearts bro.
by Logan55432 May 3, 2021
A term used to describe Women who only have sex with White Men.
Ashley: Seems like Jessica only likes white boys, that's all I ever see her with.
Taylor: Yeah, she's a real Queen of Hearts.
by AG303TT July 3, 2020
The playing cards symbol usually with a 'Q' above or inside. It connotes women with a sexual preference for white men. It can be seen as a tattoo mainly but can be found anywhere from t shirts to screen savers. Also a way for a woman to let potential white lovers know she is available.
Did you hear, Mia is a Queen of Hearts, I've seen her tattoo.
by JoeJoeIsThatYou February 1, 2019
1: A Female To own One's heart
to have love or affection for Your Queen Of Hearts or;
a feeling of "warm" personal attachment or deep affection;
"My Queen Of Hearts put a smile on my face today."
by Smiling Sam June 12, 2009
Queen of Hearts is a non-white women, typically Asian or black, who only dates and/or sexually interested in white men..Their gay or bi equivalent is Jack of Hearts.
"Sorry, Liu. Ploy is only interested in white men. Her exact word was 'Why would I take a rice dick, when I can have BWC.' She's a queen of hearts. No hard feeling, okay?"
by Chinkboi4BWC July 4, 2020
A control freak. A rather nasty, manipulative, self appointed queen for all events relating to anything in her limited, but tightly-reigned little world.
The Queen of Hearts saw Alice and screamed 'Off with her head!', poor, poor Alice. ...and the Lao Officials smiled sweetly...saying...good queen, thank you, Queen Ann, Queen of Hearts...we own you now...but then we always have, haven't we Dear?
by AMG September 10, 2005
The worst kind of friend, the Queen of Hearts refers to any woman who tries to upstage the bride at a wedding by wearing something unbelievably eye-catching - typically "that sexy red dress" or something similar. The Queen of Hearts is a total cunt, and if anyone pulled a similar move at her wedding it would likely trigger the apocalypse. The best way to deal with the Queen of Hearts is to inform her - in the center of the dance floor with everyone watching - that the bachelor party is in the next room over. Failing that, you can always resort to hitting her with an Assembly-safe Shuriken.
"We went to Dan and Molly's wedding Saturday, and her friend Mora pulled a total Queen of Hearts - she showed up in a red dress with more frills than a Congressman's health insurance."
by JustAnotherGuy March 30, 2010