66 definition by KikO

1. A Japanese musical instrument with silk strings.
2. Hoyo?
Koto: What you talking.
*radio static*
Kiko: Thiis is my worst definition, to date!
*radio static*
Koto: IpiƩ!
by Kiko February 03, 2004

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No longer permitted.
Using ampersands in usernames has been disallowed.
by Kiko February 01, 2004

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1. The tree in which oranges originate.

2. An astonishing, admirable individual.
The orange trees are producing well this year.

Person 1: Kiko is an orange tree.
Person 3: ???
by Kiko December 18, 2003

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From Latin, "to defeat."
Iuguolo, interficio, trunco, evinco!
by Kiko December 16, 2003

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crazy fucking old guy that has a lazy eye, is slunched over, and has a limp
that eggshen motherfucker bugged the crap outta me so i kicked his fucken cane from under him
by kiko March 08, 2005

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A determinate rating of the level of contemptibility of a person, as decided by his/her peers; measured from 0.0 to 100.0, where 100.0 is the highest/most.
Joseph's asshole rating has been decided: 34.4
by Kiko February 01, 2004

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Any organization, religious sect, cult, or entity wrought on destruction and/or forceful takeover of those unwilling to join its/their ranks; Those who use Dark Power.
Who will defeat the Dark Forces?!
by Kiko December 18, 2003

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