A new person, aka greenhorn. Usually asks stupid questions but is not even close to as annoying a s noob.

Derived from Puzzle pirates were new players names are written in green.
Dude 1 : This dude just asked if he could have my war friggate
Dude 2: What a greenie
by That human person May 8, 2009
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A person who enjoys/feels obligated to constantly drink green tea due to its health benefits and distinct taste.Usually handsome and cool the greenie population is steadly increasing by the day.
Person 1:Yo you heard about these new greenies meant to be a really healthy idea?
Person 2: oh yeah i wish i was brave enough to be a greenie
Person 1:Only a chosen few can do it brah ,don't sweat it.
by preprationH January 31, 2019
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The newest arrival to a place they have never been before.
Thomas came up in the box as a greenie to the glade.
by Newt - TBS February 19, 2023
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A pejorative term for non-iPhone users. iPhones use iMessage to communicate with other iPhones, oftentimes being quicker than sending a regular text message/SMS message since it uses wi-fi or other internet data. Since non-iOS devices such as those by Samsung, Google, HTC, etc,. don't use iMessage, regular text messaging is required to communicate between an iPhone and non-iPhone.

Greenies often face various forms of discrimination such as exclusion from group chats, being banned from offering their phone camera to capture a moment, and others assuming them to be of low socio-economic status.
Android user: Hey Sean :)

Android user: ...

Android user: It's Ted from Tinder

iPhone user: Oh! Hey Ted! Sorry, I didn't know you were a greenie, I thought this was spam lol
by Mametchi April 3, 2023
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Some who asks a lot of dumb, pointless questions and is really annoying.
the Greenie group in Mr. S' 3rd period math class
by JX Dubs February 27, 2009
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An Irish person, or anyone from around the UK.
Did you see that Greenie drink??!!
by BCEagles27 March 28, 2007
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A racial epithet for celery, specifically created to malign celery in a blender.
"Fuckin greenies!"

"Go back home, I'm not payin your taxes!"
by doublechris April 14, 2010
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