A new person, aka greenhorn. Usually asks stupid questions but is not even close to as annoying a s noob.

Derived from Puzzle pirates were new players names are written in green.
Dude 1 : This dude just asked if he could have my war friggate
Dude 2: What a greenie
by That human person May 8, 2009
A person who enjoys/feels obligated to constantly drink green tea due to its health benefits and distinct taste.Usually handsome and cool the greenie population is steadly increasing by the day.
Person 1:Yo you heard about these new greenies meant to be a really healthy idea?
Person 2: oh yeah i wish i was brave enough to be a greenie
Person 1:Only a chosen few can do it brah ,don't sweat it.
by preprationH January 31, 2019
Some who asks a lot of dumb, pointless questions and is really annoying.
the Greenie group in Mr. S' 3rd period math class
by JX Dubs February 27, 2009
An Irish person, or anyone from around the UK.
Did you see that Greenie drink??!!
by BCEagles27 March 28, 2007
A racial epithet for celery, specifically created to malign celery in a blender.
"Fuckin greenies!"

"Go back home, I'm not payin your taxes!"
by doublechris April 14, 2010
If you are a "fresh off the boat" Cape Verdean (in most cases) and you dress like you're still there and not quite "hip" to the styles of the place you are now.
Rivaldo, Koozo kusta fezi?! És uma Greenie tipooo
Rivaldo, what are you doing?! You're such a Greenie dudeee
by 2kmunchiekiller September 5, 2017
A young female who is quite attractive but hasn’t reached her full potential yet. Like a green banana looks good now but will be great later.
by MikeHawk12369420 August 12, 2020