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A new person, aka greenhorn. Usually asks stupid questions but is not even close to as annoying a s noob.

Derived from Puzzle pirates were new players names are written in green.
Dude 1 : This dude just asked if he could have my war friggate
Dude 2: What a greenie
by That human person May 07, 2009
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noun- slang term for an environmentalist. Often used to deride such people
That bloody tree-hugging greenie poofter!
by Danny Dick March 21, 2005
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slang for Asenlix, diet pill form Mexico used by athletes as stimulant or to fight fatigue. Swallowed, snorted, or mixed w/ coffee.
Yo, Bart, bust me out a greenie before game time so I can get right...
by smurf February 06, 2004
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A "derrogatory" word that Wyoming natives use to describe Colorado tourists. Rooted in the fact that Colorado liscense plates are green in color.
"It would be a nice vacation up to Jackson if it weren't for all those dad-gum greenies"
by PeanutP65 February 26, 2006
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Amphetamines. Stimulant drug that help people perform their duties.

Used in sports, the Army, etc. Also as a diet pill.

Also referred as "beans"
Pro wrestling chews up and spits out its athletes with grueling schedules, brutal physical punishment and a tacit understanding that performance enhancers are okayโ€”as are greenies, sleeping pills and painkillers.
by theriotfish December 30, 2008
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a person who is concerned about conservation of the environment; environmentalist. Also spelled greeny.
A group of greenies has taken out a rally demanding closure of crusher factories on the countryside.
by uttam maharjan May 01, 2012
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