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Instantaneous Dumping Sensation. The feeling where you're fine one moment, and filled with dump in your intestines the next. No matter what you're doing, even sex, it causes you to have to sprint to the crapper as fast as you can. The need to relieve looms overhead when this occurs.

omfg man, i was fin but den i ned 2 dump =(

10 minutes later...

YAYAYE! i relieved >=ร
by Henry McMorenski. January 22, 2006
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Information Disclosure Statement
Statement citing other patents and articles that relate to the invention you are trying to get patented.

Quite possibly the most boring and uninteresting work i have ever wasted my time and energy on. When its a big one, you feel like jumping out of the 12th story floor you are working on and taking the whole thing with you.
Attorney: Please do this 755 reference IDS.
Assistant: Hold on, im looking for my gun.
Attorney: What for?
Assistant: BANG!
by WorkerBee March 21, 2007
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Itchy dick syndrome.

A male or hermaphrodite, with a itchy penis.
Hey d00d did you hear Kyle has poison ivy?
Yeah Chris said he's got it on his peen too. Hah bro he's got ids.
by Trinautizzle January 14, 2009
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Imminent Death Syndrome.
To Bring Death Upon One's Self.
ie- I Am Going To Slit My Throat.
Jord has IDS, be nice to him.
by Melissa June 12, 2004
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Quite possibly the most boring, aimless, pointless individual ever to be elected leader of any British political party. His becoming leader of the Conservatives led to there being, for the first time in history, no waxwork made of the official leader of the opposition. Apparently they agreed he was a total non-entity and couldn't be bothered to make a waxwork of him. I read somewhere a cardboard cut-out of IDS was made. It probably had more charisma than he did.
IDS - living proof the Tories are never going to be elected into power again ever.
by StormSworder August 15, 2006
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