In hockey, a pass but instead of sliding on the ice it floats in the air and lands infront of your partner for across the ice pass.
mike has the dirtiest saucer in the league!

matt got a sick breakaway cause matt gave him a sick saucer pass
by lolol111 November 19, 2008
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1. A plate, sometimes used to hold a mug.
2. A seemingly affable guy who wins the favor and acclaim of people for the purpose of back-stabbing and/or tricking them later.
Cup and saucer!

That Saucer; I'll get him one day!
by Kiko February 2, 2004
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noun; A partner, usually the male, in a sexual relationship in which there is no emotional connection. Sauce is highly involved.
He's my saucer right now, but we may become more than that later in our relationship.
by Heather Luther October 8, 2005
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The big pink circle around a womans nipple.
Damn that chick had some huge saucers.

Holy shit check out the saucers on that one.
by Phatty Sausage April 14, 2006
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An individual who’s cuntiness is so apparent, it’s served to you on a saucer like a cup of tea.
That dude just cut me off and gave me the finger, what a cunt saucer!
by B.B. Mc Snatchincrack July 6, 2018
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An unclean, sweaty bunghole that itches continuously.
Carl didn't wipe his ass good after he sharted and the remnants left him with an itchy saucer.
by Eaton Holgoode April 23, 2015
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