A badass car made by Plymouth before it turned into dodge. It has a pimped out red interior with automatic seatbelts. Some models are v6 which can support a hefty 140hp. It has automatic windows as well and according to tim conboy and jason altman... the back seat is great!!!
Tim's Acclaim just burned my brand new 05 Scion TC!!!!
by thebigcocknextdoor August 26, 2004
Critical Acclaim means to be looked upon very favorably by the Critics of any given industry. Broken down:

Critical (by the Critics)

Acclaim (Applause/cheer/acclamations)
Guy 1: man Guy 3 is really working hard on that painting, i think the judges are going to be impressed this year, he might win.

Guy 2: yeah he is aiming for Critical Acclaim all right.
by teh unforgiven August 4, 2010
When critics proclaim from the top of the mountains the greatness of something, it has been critically acclaimed.
Critically acclaimed storm-chaser Connor is known for his awesome storm-chasing abilities.
by rubadubdon May 28, 2010
To use a technique that gets women really turned on ie gives them clit induced orgasm.
Nerd: man she keeps complaining tht i can make her cum...wtf do i do?

Wulkure: Honestly, give her atleast an hour of tongue action, it works!! Clitically acclaimed bro!
by horneyDEAMON November 20, 2009
Verbal praise bestowed upon a woman's sexual partner who succeeds in repeatedly bringing her to sexual climax.
Person 1: "Dude, how was last night?"
Person 2: "I rocked her world. She gave me clitical acclaim worthy of the front page of the New York Times."
by californialuv February 1, 2014
an awesome song by Avenged Sevenfold (a7x) that talks about how stupid americans can be.
Dude, critical acclaim is an awesome song.
by yourmommy1234 April 27, 2008